Eco Vit Stove Pipe

Eco Vit Description:

Midtherm Eco Vit Vitreous Enamelled flue pipe is a single wall product manufactured and coated to the highest standards, made from 0.6mm thick zero carbon steel.

Eco Vit is coated both internally and externally with a ground coat and top coat of high temperature resistant and acid resistant vitreous enamel coating. Due to the chemical specification of the steel used for this product, it provides an excellent surface for the glass coating to adhere to.

Also available is Vitrelux, a 1.2mm thick enamelled flue.
Push fit socket and spigot type joint, optional VC Clip can be used for a decorative finish
Product Code: 49
Description: 0.6mm Vitreous Enamelled Flue Pipe
Material: 0.6mm Vitreous Enamelled Vitrostaal Mild Steel
Eco Vit is suitable for use on the following applications:
Ventilation and Extract
Solid Fuel

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